'The IPIE Kelibia aims to train students who have the potential to provide solutions in the computing and administrative fields to the different development problems. The IPIE gives the opportunity to gain knowledge in different jobs fields and in the field of enterprise resource planning and to master efficiently an ERP (integrated management software package).

The IPIE assume the objectives of a Network of excellence for initial and continuing professional training in Tunisia. In addition, the priority is given to improve the quality of education by adopting training plans and methods capable of ensuring the development that the IPIE is aiming for.

We have teamed up with partners willing to provide our interns with a hands-on approach and a practical approach to new technologies. This will help them gain a competitive advantage in the work market.

The IPIE is ambitious, accessible to all and aware of its responsibilities. It intends to become a model and a reference in professional training both regionally and nationally.