Job perspectives

The customs formalities technician is responsible for the customs declaration, for import or export.

He has tasks as:

  • To provide the interface between the transit and accounting departments of the companies and the customs.
  • To establish the amount of duties and taxes.
  • To provide customs with all information on the goods.
  • To check their conformity with the regulations in force before signing the file and handing it to the customs. In some cases, especially if the customs request so.
  • Performs on the request of the customs physical control of the goods.

Contacts are then formed with various interlocutors: ship-owners, consignees, insurance companies.But it is in complete autonomy that the customs formalities technician drafts the regulatory forms.

Targeted jobs:

  • Assistant Import/ Export.
  • Transit agent.


  • General information on customs regulations.
  • Transport and Incoterms.
  • Customs nomenclature.
  • Regulation of national and international trade.
  • International payment.
  • The organization of the customs administration.
  • Tariff classification techniques.
  • Customs' formalities.
  • Sheds and customs clearance areas.
  • Establishment of the declaration.
  • The transaction value.
  • Other customs procedures.
  • Procedures for carrying out import operations.
  • Basic accounting and financial management tools.
  • French.
  • Commercial English.
  • Law of work.
  • Computers and Internet.
  • Health and safety of work.
  • Job search.
  • Arabic.
  • Internship I.
  • Internship II.
  • Trade Law.

Professional skills :

  • Good knowledge of the environment and technical documentation related to international trade as well as the legal aspects of transport.
  • Knowledge of legal, customs or other provisions.
  • Preparation of special certificates for hazardous materials.
  • To master the specific software of assistance to the declarations.
  • Realization of customs clearance of goods.
  • Accompanying the company in the optimization of customs operations.
  • Establishment of specific procedures in the context of international exchanges.
  • Reporting in accordance with the legislation and tariffs in force.

He must also:

  • Be organized and methodical.
  • Have team spirit.
  • Master at least 3 languages as well as oral communication rules.
  • Have the spirit of analysis and synthesis.