Organization of IPIE

'The IPIE is headed by a director assisted by a pedagogical officer, an administrative officer and a technical officer, as well as a set of executives and employees. The director is the legal representative of the Institute. He manages the administrative and financial matters and chairs the various councils established within the institution.

Education Board

It is composed of the Director, the pedagogical officer and a trainer from each sector. It periodically assesses the progress of training and proposes appropriate regulations.

Disciplinary Board

It is chaired by the Director of the Institute and composed of the Administrative Officer and at least two trainers.

Class Council

for each specialty, it is composed of the director, pedagogical officer and all trainers of the class concerned.

The pedagogical director

He ensures the application of the programs and decisions of the educational board and ensures coordination among trainers of different specialties.

Education Service

It ensures good administrative and educational management and controls the various documents of the Institute.

Computer Service

It provides support to training in the field of administration and various services of the Institute.

Initial training service

Continuous training service