Identity of IPIE

The pilot institute of computing and ERP (IPIE) is a private institution of professional training specialized in initial and continuous training.

It is registered under the number 21-298-17 with the regional directorate of training and employment in Nabeul

its address is Cité Ksiba- 8090 Kélibia- Governorat of Nabeul- Tunisia.



  • To provide a friendly atmosphere that creates a life based on solidarity and mutual assistance.
  • To develop our networks in partnership with other training institutions.
  • To build bonds with businesses to link professional reality and meet the demands of the economic world.
  • To Value the achievements of people in training and promoting their integration into the world of work.


  • To develop the necessary skills needed in professional life through professional practice, and to enable the acquisition of a broad general culture.
  • To promote innovation and prioritize creative solutions in a changing professional world.
  • To promote the development of personalities and developing social skills.


  • Respect for each other.
  • Dialog between different partners, transparency and equity.
  • Professionalism and collaboration with professional ethics. Our engines to excellence are rigor and requirements.